3 Common Challenges for Trade Show Managers

3 Common Challenges for Trade Show Managers

3 Common Challenges for Trade Show Managers

Trade show managers often face these same three challenges.

While every trade show and every trade show manager is unique, there are some problems that often pop up time and time again. If you are attempting to manage your business’s trade show exhibit, here are some of the challenges that you will likely face.

  • Shipping and Logistics

Trade show planning forces you to keep track of minute details and many moving parts. One of the most difficult parts of planning is the shipping, installation, and dismantling of your trade show booth. Additionally, you also have to worry about the shipment of promotional goods, traveling arrangements, and lodging reservations. Oftentimes, the management of shipments and other logistical tasks are outsourced to others so the trade show manager can focus their attention on some of the other things that need coordinating.

  • Exhibit Upkeep and Brand Management

Another struggle is ensuring that a business’s booth/exhibit stays updated and fresh for every show. If a new product line is released or more services are added, these changes need to be reflected in the company’s exhibit. Before a show, it’s important that trade show managers meet with designers and production facilities to ensure that the booth’s graphics are updated and ready to be displayed.

  • Budget

It’s no secret that exhibiting at a trade show requires a considerable financial investment from companies. This is why trade show managers are often under pressure to stretch their budgets as much as they possibly can. Oftentimes, working around a tight budget is one of the biggest challenges that a manager will face during the planning process.

These are three of the main challenges that trade show managers face. Want to take one worry off your mind? If so, turn to the experts at David Torres Productions for all your custom trade show booth design and building needs. Our team is ready to make your vision a reality.