Common Trade Show Follow-Up Mistakes

Common Trade Show Follow-Up Mistakes

Common Trade Show Follow-Up Mistakes

Make sure you avoid these common missteps.

Post trade show follow-up is one of the critical keys to trade show marketing success.  Despite the importance of this process, there are many common errors that exhibitors make.  If you want to have a successful trade show, make sure you avoid these common post-show follow-up mistakes.

Not Evaluating Leads

One of the most common mistakes that exhibitors make is failing to evaluate the leads they generated at the show.  If the employee working the booth cannot determine a hot lead from a cool lead, then the post show follow-up process becomes increasingly difficult.

Not Recording the Preferred Follow-Up Method

Another mistake that many exhibitors make is not recording exactly what each client wants to see or hear during their follow-up.  For instance, one client might want a sample sent within the week while another might want a phone call in a month or so.  Whatever the preferred method, you should record this preference and make sure you meet their expectations.

Not Following-Up in a Timely Manner

Finally, one of the worst mistakes you can make is not following-up with a prospective customer in a timely manner.  If your client did not give you a specific time line, it’s better to follow-up sooner rather than later.  Whether you send an email out within the first 24-hours or give them a call within the week, make sure you jump on your leads as quickly as possible.

These are some of the common follow-up mistakes that you should avoid at your next trade show.  Are you looking for a beautiful, functional, and custom designed booth for your next trade show?  Then contact the experts at David Torres Productions.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your custom trade show booth needs.