DTP Creates New Booth for Yingli Solar at Anaheim’s 2018 Solar Power International Trade Show

DTP Creates new Booth for Yingli Solar at Anaheim’s 2018 Solar Power International Trade Show

DTP Creates New Booth for Yingli Solar at Anaheim’s 2018 Solar Power International Trade Show

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Displayed at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA September 25-27 2018

This year was David Torres Productions,Inc’s ( DTP) first time at North America’s largest solar energy show Solar Power International. We were excited to design and build a brand new, custom trade show booth for one of the world’s leading solar panel producers Yingli Solar. This year’s show was particularly significant for Yingli Solar because they installed the solar panel system that powers the Anaheim Convention Center. We wanted Yingli’s booth to embody their cutting edge approach to solar technology and did so by seamlessly combining sleek, modern design with familiar, natural elements.

Yingli’s production rate has grown exponentially over the past 20 years and we wanted our design to reflect their innovation. We started with the positioning of their booth. With over 750 exhibitors to compete with at SPI, we needed to ensure that Yingli’s booth grabbed immediate attention. We installed the 40’x40’ booth at a canted angle to disrupt the show’s grid layout and further accentuated it with 16’ high walls. The reception desk was positioned to face the entrance doors and quickly garnered interest with its blue LED lighting. The meeting rooms were paneled with sturdy Plexiglass walls and doors and adorned with chic frosted lettering. The booth was illuminated in part by giant light boxes displaying Yingli’s most notable projects around the world. However, the solar panels took center stage with our custom fabricated display frames. Each panel effortlessly swiveled around, so both the front and back of the product could be easily examined.

To further underscore both the functionality of Yingli’s solar panels and their mission as a company, we grounded our modern design elements with earthy, naturalistic elements. Each solar panel display frame floated over a vibrant bed of grass. The high ceiling over the booth was covered with a graphic of a wide-open sky bursting with sunlight. We created a natural sense of privacy in the glass-walled meeting rooms with leafy green trees. Dark, textured driftwood paneling and light, warm wood flooring balanced the flashy light boxes and white walls. All of these subtle additions helped foster a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere in the booth.

Yingli Solar was a pleasure to work with and DTP was proud to work with a company dedicated to improving the environment. We loved being a part of Solar Power International and we can’t wait for next year’s show in Salt Lake City, UT!