What to Look for When Scoping Out Your Trade Show Competition

What to Look for When Scoping Out Your Trade Show Competition

What to Look for When Scoping Out Your Trade Show Competition

Here’s what you can learn from your competitors’ trade show booths.

While exhibiting at trade shows is an excellent way to advertise your goods and services, it’s also a great opportunity to scope out your competitors.  Here are a couple of things you should be on the look out for as you scope out your competition.

1) Exhibit Presence

Look at your competitors’ displays and identify what they want their customers to focus on when they look at their booth.  Then look closer.  Has their booth grown?  Is the display new?  Has their exhibit actually been downsized?  Deciphering these things can give you a good idea of how your competitors are doing in business.

2) Products or Services

Next, you should look to see what goods or services your competitors are now offering.  Have they introduced something new or does it look like they only have the same things as before?

4) Job Openings

Check to see if your competitors are openly advertising job openings.  Be aware that some companies will only disclose openings if you make a discreet inquiry.  If the company has lots of job openings, then this is could indicate that business is going well and that the company is looking to expand.  However, this could also mean that the company is experiencing a lot of employee turnover as well.

3) Attitude

Finally, observe how the booth workers are interacting with visitors and passersby.  Is the staff smiling welcomingly and actively engaging with every visitor?  Or are they looking disinterested and bored?  This will reveal a lot about your competitor’s attitude towards their customers and might also indicate how well management manages and trains their booth staff.

These are a couple of things you should look for when you suss out your trade show competitors.  Keep in mind that other companies will also be inspecting your booth as well.  Make sure you blow them away with a custom trade show booth that wows.  For assistance with your custom trade show booth, turn to the experts at David Torres Productions.  Contact us for more information.