Questions That You Should Ask to Determine a Customer’s Needs

Questions That You Should Ask to Determine a Customer’s Needs

Questions That You Should Ask to Determine a Customer’s Needs

Learn what sales people should ask to coach a customer through a sale.

At a trade show, your booth staff will likely be working hard to gather leads and make beneficial connections. Part of their work requires them to determine exactly what a potential customer’s needs are. But how can you uncover this information when the client may not even know themselves? Here are some of the powerful sales questions that can help you uncover a customer’s needs.

What is your propensity to change?

If a potential client isn’t open to the idea of change, then your company might not have a shot at scoring a new business opportunity. In this case, you should categorize this potential client as a soft lead and invest more effort into other leads. However, if the potential client reveals an interest in challenging the status quo, then this provides a perfect opportunity to convince them that your company has the ability to help their business grow and evolve. If a contact is open to change, this means that they are more open to doing business with you.

What prompted you to explore our product/services?

This question is a little more nuanced than simply asking a potential client what they need. This question encourages the other person to elaborate on their company’s needs, their particular preferences, and the challenges they might be facing. Their answer often provides insight into their motivation as well as their timeline. Even if a potential client does not elaborate on their own, it opens the door for other follow-up questions that can help you get a better idea of what the client is looking for.

These are some of the questions that you can use at your next trade show to uncover a potential client’s needs.  Want some additional advice for your next trade show?  Your display or trade show booth is everything.  If you want to create a custom-designed, attention-grabbing booth, then contact the professionals at David Torres Productions.  We are ready to offer our design expertise today.