Questions to Ask After Your Trade Show Exhibit

Questions to Ask After Your Trade Show Exhibit

Questions to Ask After Your Trade Show Exhibit

Ask yourself these questions following your next trade show exhibit.

Part of having a successful trade show is evaluating your performance after it has finished. This way, you can understand what you excelled at and what you need to improve during your next show. Here are some of the questions you should ask following your show to evaluate your company’s overall success.

Questions to Help You Decide if Exhibiting was Worth the Cost

  • How much did it cost to exhibit?
  • How many qualified, potential customers attended the event?
  • How well did your brand, product, or service stand out on the show floor?
  • How important is the trade show within your industry?

Questions to Help You Assess Your Trade Show Strengths

  • Ask your staff where they felt that your company succeeded and where they felt confident.
  • How well prepared and supplied were your staff members on the trade show floor?
  • How did your competitors do? Where did they fall short where your company succeeded?

Questions to Help You Assess Your Trade Show Weaknesses

  • What potential opportunities did you miss?
  • Did your prospects have questions you were not prepared to answer?
  • Did you effectively communicate your brand to attendees?
  • How can you improve your messaging and communication to visitors?

Questions to Help You Evaluate How to Measure Up to Competitors

  • Did your competitors outshine your company on the trade show floor? (Was their booth larger, better designed, more expensive, or filled with more attendees than yours?)
  • How deep were your competitor’s product offerings?
  • What products and services were your competitors promoting?
  • What product features and benefits are they emphasizing?
  • What were the key differences between your competitors? How can you use these differences to create opportunities for your business in the future?

These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself to evaluate your business’s trade show performance.  Did you determine that your business’s trade show booth was lacking?  Then contact the experts at David Torres Productions for a revamped, beautiful, custom designed booth that is sure to help your business stand out at your next show.