What a Trade Show Manager Could Do for You

What a Trade Show Manager Could Do for You

What a Trade Show Manager Could Do for You

Find out what a trade show manager does.

Trade show managers go by many names. For instance, they might be referred to as a trade show coordinator or even a project manager. Additionally, a trade show manager might be someone employed by a company internally, or might be someone working for the exhibit house. Generally, the title “trade show manager” is a rather vague one, and it can be applied to many different people. However, these individuals have many responsibilities when it comes to putting on a show. Here are some of the things they take care of.

1) Deciding which shows to attend (normally in coordination with a larger team that goes over the potential options).

2) Scheduling and securing booth space, coordinating logistics such as electricity, internet access, cleaning, badge scanning, and so on.

3) Working with vendors, such as the exhibit house or printers, to make updates to the exhibit.

4) Coordinating booth shipping, installation and dismantling, return shipping, and storage.

5) Hiring and training booth staff and organizing things like the distribution of branded clothing.

6) Collaborating with the sales and marketing departments to work on special demonstrations or showcase specific products.

7) Organizing pre-show marketing strategies such as mailers, emails, phone calls, social media updates, etc.

8) Keeping records such as show schedules, project checklists, exhibit management, photos, logistics and travel expenses, and so on.

This is just a broad outline of everything that a trade show manager can do for your business to help your next trade show go off without a hitch.  Want another way to make your next show go smoothly?  Then trust the experts at David Torres Productions to assist you with designing your custom booth.  Contact us to get started today.